Truckies call for merging of manners

25-04-2020 by admin

After three accidents involving trucks along the M7 near the intersection of Elizabeth Drivein the past month, truck drivers are asking for betterawarenesswhen merging.

Road Freight NSW general manager Simon O’Hara said trucks required a much longer time to come to a full stop than a car, so would often leave large gaps to the car in front.

He said merging into this gap couldbe deadly for motorists.

“You probably don’t realise how dangerous it is if you jump into that space with your car,” Mr O’Hara said.

He said atruck driving at 100km/hneeded214 metres to stop safely: a car may only require 75 metres.

This meant cars merging close to a truck could risk anaccident.

The short merging lanes from Elizabeth Drive onto theM7 could be a challenge when merging into high-speed traffic.

“Looking at the Elizabeth Drive interchange here now …I would certainly agree that a longer merging lane would be safer,” Mr O’Hara said.

“Butuntil those things are looked into … we deal with what we’ve got and if there is a shorter space then we all have to be doubly careful.”

Here are some tips from theAustralian Trucking Associationfor driving around trucks:Avoid driving in the large blind spot on the truck’s left side.Leave plenty of space in front of the truck when merging in front of them.Don’t crowd the back of the truck, but leave plenty of space.Allow a truck to overtake you by dropping speed a little to give them room.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 老域名购买.

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