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11-07-2018 by admin

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “You can take the boy out of the bush, but you can’t take the bush out of the boy.”

As much as I love seeing The Farmer in his farm ‘blues’ (I’ve written before about the bush uniform of jeans or shorts and the blue collared work shirts), there is something I love even more about seeing him in his ‘town clothes’.

I get so used to seeing The Farmer with a five o’clock shadow and a thick coating of dust and grime that has built up around the edges of his clothing – not to mention the permanent layer of ‘stuff’ that has set up residency in the cracks of his work-hardened hands – that I forget that there is another person hidden underneath.

When he heads to town (and by ‘town’ I mean not to do jobs; I’m talking about heading off-farm for an actual social gathering like a dinner or birthday party) he undergoes a dramatic transformation.

Gone is the five o’clock shadow, and in is the clean cut, sweet smelling alter ego. Work gear is replaced with clean and pressed pants or dress shorts, a nice collared shirt and sensible shoes. Anything else can be filled by abouttwo other outfits in his wardrobe.

Weddings are a real treat! They often mean haircuts. Usually The Farmer insists on getting me to give him a haircut with the “clippers” but weddings call for a real trip to the barber.

Stepping out with The Farmer in a full suit is a bit like dating a stranger! I spend the first part of the night wondering where my husband is and then wanting to high five the room when I realise he’s been there all along – the good looking guy sitting next to me.

To him it’s just a suit. It wouldn’t stop him pulling sheep or changing a tyre if either occasion arose while he was wearing said suit.

The Farmer prefers his work casual clothes any day. I lost the battle over a wedding ring. The Farmer was adamant that for him, the wedding ring would only be a potential hazard leading to him losing a finger. I couldn’t persuade him. Years later I have adjusted to the idea that he will never wear a ring. It’s just a ring after all – he’d always be my husband regardless.

The Farmer just isn’t hung up on appearances at all. You just have to compare his wardrobe to my own. He just wants to be comfortable and practical. I have learned long ago that there is no point in gently persuading him into wearing something a little more ‘fashionable’, because he’s going to wear something more in line with his own ideas than mine anyway. There’s no point in hanging onto the thought of him dressing like a city boy, when he’s always going to be a country boy at heart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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