The world I dream of for our little Oscar

11-07-2018 by admin

The beginning of a new life is a great time to reflect on the past, present and future.

The arrival of the first grandchildthis week, little Oscar, has certainly led to some very reflective moments for this writer.

The first sound of his little cry on a phone message was magic.

He has landed on this wonderful patch of the earth andyou couldn’t ask for a better place to grow up than the North-West of Tasmania.

Despite the doom and gloom, the opportunities are pretty astounding.

His family, through his great-grandmother’s line, has been here for the best part of two centuries, and haven’t found a reason to leave.

But he will grow upin a completely different world to that of his grandparents, great grandparents and previous generations, and eventhat of his parents.

Life in 2016 is different in so many ways.

His birth was announced to the world-at-large via social media, not through the classifieds page like his mother, grandfather and generations before. This meant an instant global reach.

Family and friends around the country and world, including his uncle up in Darwin, were instantly able to learn about his arrival –in brilliant ‘technicolour’.

As he grows he will be able to speak in real time video to people wherever they may be -or that’s the hope if we can get this NBN thing working.

He may even see real lifeflying cars or teleportation, something like his Pop dreamed of as a kid.

He will be more connected than those who have come before him.

But the global reach is a double edged sword.

It also means that growing up Oscar will be exposed to the darker side of the world wide web and social media.

He will no doubt be the target of scammers and the low lifes who inhabit the digital world, as they do the physical space.

The new world online is something that we can’t insulate our youngs ones from, but I hope that he can find it a welcoming, enrichingand productive place.

Who knows how it will change in the relatively short time beforehe becomes an active participant in the electronic domains which didn’t even exist a generation ago, if but a few years ago.

But I really hope that he will get to grow up doing many of the things that I cherish from childhood.

The chance to build a cubby in the bush or on the beach is a rite of passage for a kid, or it should be. Riding bikes and playing with your friends in the daylight savings twilight is something you never forget.

Endless hours of backyard cricket and a pie at the footy will be pretty much mandatory, and a good grounding for future sporting endeavours.

His Dad and I have already calculated he should be a good chance at Olympic representation in about 2040.

But when it comes down to it, my biggest wish for young Oscar is that he’ll grow up knowing that he has somewhere warm to snuggle up of a night, a full belly, and always someone to turn to for a hug.

I want him to be as lucky as I was to grow up around his family, both those close to him and the extended family across the Coast.

I want him to share fun times with his Popand learn about the world through him, just like I did.

And I want to know thathe is happy, and to hear him laugh.

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