Technical difficulties sees no A grade mens hockey

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Despite there being no A grade mens hockey games last week due to technical difficulties with the lights, there was plenty of action in the other grades.

In A grade women, Cellar Crows defeated Rovers Cubs 2-0 on the back of a strong defensive performance.

Cubs probably had more attacking opportunities throughout the match, but a superb defensive performance by Debbie Brown and goalkeeper Lilli-Rae Campbell kept them scoreless.

Cellars made the most of their opportunities in the circle, scoring through Lyndal Matthews and Hollie Jones.

Best for Cellars were Debbie Brown, Hollie Jones and Lilli-Rae Campbell.

Youngsters Georgia Kearney and Georgia Huppatz were impressive for Cubs.

A hat-trick to striker Peta Fagan ensured a Middleton victory over Magpies.

Middleton won the match 3-2 with Fagan unstoppable in the circle.

Jacqui Simpson and Syann Allen scored for Magpies.

Peta Fagan and Olivia Noakes were best for Middleton with Amelia Tanswell, Syann Allen and Janelle Thompson strong for Magpies.

Magpies Academy were far too strong for Cellar Crows in B grade men, winning their match 6-0 in a clinical performance.

Jason Wright (2), Glenn Johnstone, Koby Johnstone, Jackson Hay and Royce Simpson were the goal scorers in an energetic performance by the young Academy side.

Koby Johnstone, Wright and Hay all stood out for Magpies with Reed Cavallaro and Mark Green the best for Cellars.

Middleton and Magpies Black played out a very close match with Middleton eventual 1-0 winners.

Barry Reeves scored a great goal for his side in a hard fought victory.

Middleton were best served by Barry Reeves with Michael Somers, Liam Wakefield and Harrison Byrnes strong for Magpies.

Magpies White defeated Rovers Gorillas 5-2.

Peter Yelland (2), Jared Carty, Will Tanswell and Jayden Pusteria scored for Magpies with Simon Scott and Declan Daley scoring for Rovers.

Jared Carty, Andrew Finn, Sam Carty and Riley Swan performed well for Magpies with Simon Scott and Jack Westcott best for Rovers.

Middleton Maroon defeated Magpies Black 2-1 in a close contest in the B grade womens competition.

Tanya Batt and Tracie Sams scored for Middleton with Abigail Simpson scoring for Magpies.

Cherie Simpson, Amber Brown, Louise O’Leary and Ineke McLuckie were strong for Middleton with Lori Ross and Abigail Simpson the best for Magpies.

Rovers Black continued with their good start to the season, defeating Rovers Gold 2-0.

Goals to Carla Peden and Cass Ward were enough to ensure a Black victory.

Maggie Wright, Georgia Kearney, Ellie Macaulay and Sandra Tildsley were best for Black with Naomi Bolt and M’Lissa Ross best for Gold.

Star Budgies defeated Marist 2-0 in a tight match.

Emily James and Jenna Evans scored nice goals to give Budgies the victory.

Carmen Amor and Maddison Thomson were best for Budgies with Justine Morrissey, Leanne Miles and Kelly Westcott strong for Marist.

Middleton Pink defeated Cellar Crows Black 2-0 in a strong performance.

Sue McGrath and Jordan Fagan scored goals on the back of some excellent team build up.

Sue McGrath, Jordan Fagan and Chloe Drabsch were in excellent form for Middleton with Natalie Kelly, Erika McNaughton and Michelle Yeo the best for Cellars.

This week’s draw is as follows:

Thursday, May 19


6:20pm – Men’s Masters v Cellar Crows (Control: Rovers Gold; Umpires: Aaron Huppatz and Matthew Job).

7:40pm – Rovers Gold v Star Budgies (Control: Men’s Masters; Umpires: Graeme Thompson and Graeme Tanswell).

Friday, May 20


6:20pm – Rovers Cubs v Middleton (Control: Magpies; Umpires: Craig Kelly and Nicole Knox).

7:40pm – Magpies v Cellar Crows (Control: Rovers Cubs; Umpires: Tamara Fagan and Donna Payne).

Saturday, May 21


4:10pm – Cellar Crows v Magpies Black (Control: Rovers Gorillas; Umpires: Barry Reeves and Matt Welsh).

5:20pm – Middleton v Magpies White (Control: Cellar Crows; Umpires: Craig Kelly and Paul Townsend).

6:30pm – Rovers Gorillas v Magpies Academy (Control: Middleton; Umpires: Cooper Byrnes and Daryn Tanswell).

Sunday, May 22


10am – Rovers Black v Cellar Crows (Control: Middleton Eagles; Umpires: Carleton Magill and Aaron Huppatz).

11:10am – Star Budgies v Rovers Gold (Control: Rovers Black; Umpires: Mandy Westcott and Kieran Deland).

12:20pm – Middleton Eagles v Marist (Control: Star Budgies; Umpires: Megan Hornery and Aaron Wright).

1:30pm – Middleton Pink v Magpies Black (Control: Middleton Maroon; Umpires: Shelley Bishop and Daryn Tanswell).

2:40pm – Middleton Maroon v Magpies White (Control: Middleton Pink; Umpires: Tamara Fagan and Kyle Thompson).

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