‘Stranded animals’ migrate to other creeks

11-07-2018 by admin

DUMPED: A shopping trolley is seen discarded in a section of Scrubby Creek. There have been calls for the council to act swiftly to clean up the area. Picture: Marina Neil

IT was interesting reading aboutthe problems of Scrubby Creek (‘Hundreds of trolleys embedded in Scrubby Creek’,Herald, 13/5). Apparently this new genus, Shoppingtrollius Gigantus can be found in this creek as well as in Throsby Creek, or should I say Throsby Waters, as the real estate people describe it.

I was unaware this new speciesof marine animal was so mobile.How they travelled from Tighes Hill to Mount Hutton and then to Windale is a mystery.

While conducting a lunchtime walk in Tighes Hill I used to observe these animals, sometimes on the shoreline but more often almost underwater in the middle of the creekwhich made me think it had some capacity to swim.

I also noted that Shoppingtrollius also co-operated with the local bird life in Throsby Creek by providing useful resting places.

Has anyone observed similar behaviourby the Scrubby Creek variety I wonder?

Therefore my question is: has Shoppingtrollius been observed in any other wetland environments and if so whatdoes the Lake Macquarie City Councilintend to do about it, or does this new genus carry the same level of protection as flying foxes?

Any real investigation should try to determine Shoppingtrollius’origins, along with the identity of the species who aid their movement.

For heaven’s sake Lake Macquarie CityCouncil, just make a decision to clear the creek and return these stranded animals to their owners.

Robert Kear,CharlestownReforms for familiesI’D like to give11/10 to Kelly Kurtz for her comments in relation to the benefits of being a stay-at-home mother(Letters, 11/5).

I believe the most important and most undervalued job in our society is the complex one of managing a home and raising children so that they become well-adjusted young adults.

There is ample evidence that the first 10 years of life are crucial in learning living skills and in forming the attitudes which contribute to a safe and stable community.

While it is good that we work for female equality, one disadvantage is that many women now have to choose between holding down a joband full-time engagement in preparing their children to take their place in the community. Our economic system is largely to blame.

There was a time when industrial awards were formulated on a basic wage, sufficient for a good labourer to support a family in modest conditions, with extra pay for additional skills orqualifications.

Unfortunately this system was so manipulated by unions, governments and employers that it has been replaced by our current system which now forces ordinary households to have two incomes to survive.

It is in the power of governments by taxation and other reforms to assist mothers who prefer to contribute by working at home management.

The overall costs of childcare and crime might even reduce in time if this were done. Why not try it?

Alton Bowen,WallsendDon’t sell out on hearingIN a recent report (‘Shorten gets the nod in first leaders’ contest’, SMH,14/5)Malcolm Turnbull ruled out the sale of Australia Post in the medium term, but left the door open on Australian Hearing Services, saying the private sector should provide services if it can do it better.

Just how the private sector could provide equally-qualified staff with a similar range of services to the very young, young adults and aged pensioners better than Australian Hearing has would be interesting to see.

Australian Hearing is not simply a business supplying hearing aids. Audiologists are university trained. They provide services to those with hearing difficulties. Their work includes specialist treatment for babies and preschool children.

The value of these services is so clear that there should be no need to leave the door open until after the election when it will be opened wide for privatisation. It is a door that should remain firmly closed with Australian Hearing allowed to continue the work it does so well.

Social media should rally to make this clear to the Prime Minister.

Morris Graham,RutherfordClean air with a whisperIN recent years, there have been several theories regarding noise produced by wind turbines; which either have merit, or are wild exaggerations.

Being eager tosatisfy my curiosity I visited a wind farm. I walked within 10 metres from the base of one of the turbines. Ican honestly swear there was no turbine noise.

The only noise producedwas the sound of the blades as they cut through the air; which sounded like a ceiling fan onlow power. If you can sleep with a ceiling fan on, you can sleep with a wind farm inthe vicinity.

Regardless of one’s belief in climate science, air pollution from coal-fired power stations could beeliminated if Australians were prepared to convert to wind power.

Why are wehesitating the transition to technology that will give us cleaner air?

Stephen Miller,RutherfordPraise for quality careI HAVE recently spent several weeks in Belmont and John Hunter hospitals.In this time I encountered some of the greatest doctors and nurses I have ever met.

I will never be able to thank these people enough.Although they were always working hard, they made sure I had the best care.

The sad thing about our community is I feel not enough people appreciate what sacrifices these men and women make to keep us well.

So if you have to go to hospital please realise you will be attended to as soon as they can. If you stub your toe say ouch, if you have a simple ailment go to your doctor and free up our hospitals to be able to attend to people with life-threatening problems.

Also to the admin, kitchen and domestic staff, thanks.

Jean Ryan,WindaleLETTERS commenting on election issues must bear the writer’s name and full address (only the suburb will be published). Responsibility for election comment in this issue is accepted by the editor, Heath Harrison,28 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle. Writers should disclose any alliance with political or community organisations and include a phone number for verification. Election candidates should declare themselves as such when submitting letters.​

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