Short Takes

11-07-2018 by admin

I AGREEwith Tom Edwards: what happened to music (Short Takes, 16/5)?Much (not all) “popular” music, song competitions and the like is just scream-scream, shout-shout, bash-bash, bellow-bellow. It is inflicted on all of us in many (not all) shopping venues at multiple decibels, making conversation nearimpossible. It’s torture. No wonder people are going deaf early.

Kevin McDonald,East SeahamWHO says health is better than wealth? Not the Liberal government. Under a Turnbull government I believe it’s your credit card and not your Medicare card that will determine your health care.

Richard Ryan, Summerland PointI HAVE some suggestions for the Knights. Perhaps new tactics are needed. I suggest squirrel grips and wedgies in the ruck.

Gerry Murphy,MordiallocCONTRAST the doctors’ campaign on the freezing of Medicare rebates and the real estate industry campaign on negative gearing. I believe one is about “need”, the other about “greed”.

Donald Mennie,The EntranceWITH elections looming on the horizon an old song comes to mind: Oh Promise Me.Promises can be broken. We shall see.

Daphne Hughes,KahibahHAS anyone seen our state Labor leaderLuke Foley? He seems like the invisible man.All we ever see is Mike Baird. We need ouropposition leader to stop Mr Baird selling off everything to make money to spend on Sydney.I’ll bet there are many out there who don’t even know who Luke Foley is.

Joy Boots,Cardiff South​MANY thanks to the hosts of a party, somewhere between Carolyn Streetand Northcott Driveon Saturday night, for sharing their ear-shattering music with the tired, ill, or elderly folk. May karma reward them. The vibration of glass window panes added something special. Thanks for the brief period of acceptable decibels in the middle of the evening.

Laurie See,Adamstown HeightsTHE POLLSWHERE would you like Newcastle Airport to fly to next?

New Zealand 34%,Asia 46%,Perth 8%,Adelaide 12%WILL you keep an eye out for whales in 2016?

Yes 91%,No 9%IS the Catholic Schools Office looking in the right areas for expansion?

Yes 85%,No 15%DO you believe in climate change?

Yes 50%,No 38%,Unsure 12%MESSAGEBOARDACCLAIMED drug and alcohol expert Paul Dillonwill hold a parent forum at Hunter Valley Grammar School on TuesdayMay 17 from 6.30pm in the Weeks library. All are welcome.There is no charge for the talk, but please RSVP to help with logistics. To attend phone 4934 2444 before 12pm on Tuesday.

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