Award great for wilderness railway

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CONGRATULATIONS to the West Coast Wilderness Railway for receiving the prestigious Engineering Heritage Marker from the Institute of Engineers Australia.

This award recognises the international significance of the railway’s engineering and historical values.

Only a handful of other markers have been awarded, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Snowy Mountain Scheme.

THE MONTHLY council meetingis on tonight from 5pm in the Council Chambers in Queenstown. Members of the public are welcome to attend, with copies of the meeting agenda available on Council’s website and at our office and agencies.

THE COUNCIL is still fighting hard to ensure a commitment from both sides of politics regarding a mix of NBN technologies.

Without a firm commitment from both parties, West Coast businesses and the community will continue to face further uncertainty and will not be able to plan for their future.

The fact that NBN Co have decided not to connect satellite into our towns is either good or bad – do they know something we don’t or is it payback for making noise?

It is my belief that Trial Harbour, Granville Harbour and other areas outside of town boundaries can be connected to the satellite now.

THE QUEENSTOWN and Districts Community Bankcelebrated ten years of operation last week. During this time the branch has contributed more than $100,000 to the West Coast community.

The bank is currently conducting a survey to gauge interest on the potential of providing a service in Strahan. We encourage Strahan residents to complete a survey as we support keeping face-to-face banking.

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Volunteers help our events to thrive

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LAST week was National Volunteer Week, where we acknowledged and celebrated all the time, effort and hard work these valuable people contribute to our community.

We should never underestimate the impact volunteers have on a community such as Burnie.

For example, without their assistance the council would struggle to provide the quality experiences we currently do for all our cruise ship passengers.

Without our fantastic volunteers events such as the Burnie Challenge and Burnie Shines would be impacted, as would facilities such as the Burnie Regional Museum and the Burnie Regional Art Gallery.

I would like to extend a big thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers, for the role you play in making our community a truly great place to live, work and play.

Cancer centreTHE much anticipated North West Cancer Centre was officially opened recently, to the relief of many cancer patients and their families.

This state of the art facility provides critical cancer services such as radiation and chemotherapy, in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

To be able to have these treatments in an environment which is close to the patient’s home will no doubt make a significant difference to the lives of many living with cancer in and around Burnie.

Council meetingA reminder to everyone that tonight’s Council meeting will be held at Natone Primary School, starting at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Celebrating a wonderful centuryPhotos

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Celebrating a wonderful century | Photos Gregory Cannon spoke at his 100th birthday party on Saturday, saying Audrey has been the best wife a man could dream of.

Mr Cannon blew out the candles on his cake at his 100th birthday party on Saturday.

Audrey and Gregory Cannon have celebrated 73 years of marriage.

Audrey and Gregory Cannon with their children Carol Glasgow, Peter Cannon, Marion McHugh, Robert Cannon, Christine Cannon.

Nieces and nephews (back) Helen Lucas, Margaret Read, Patsy McGlynn, Lyndy Cannon, Michael Walker, Marnie Walker (front) Audrey, Gregory, Jeanette Cannon

Audrey and Greg with some of their grand children and great grandchildren.

Gregory and Audrey Cannon at Saturday’s birthday party with the family including nieces, nephews, children, grand children and great grand children.

TweetFacebookThe little bush school is vanished and gone, and passing has ended an era

An era that’s part of a colourful age, has written a humorous whimsical page,

In the role of the nation’s endeavour.

Remember that school hidden away, deep in a timbered lane.

The winding old track,Oft doubling back,

In the shady and timbered terrain.

And everyone knew each bend and each log,

And the call of each bird on the wing,

And gidduped along the track with a song, to the jog of the horse and the swing.

Greg Cannon’s own poetry is perhaps the best way to reflect on his life, as the Forbes local celebrates his 100th birthday.

Inspired by his love of the bush, in earlier years he published three books of poetry and yarns.

On Friday, his birthday, he shared some of his favourite yarns and reflected on the many changes he has seen in a century of local life.

Greg Cannon was born on May 13, 1916, to Patrick Kiernan and Mary Francoise (Sicard) Cannon.

Greg and his brothers Jack, Laurie, Paddy, Ginty, Harry and Peter, with their sister Mollie, were brought up on the property ‘Silver Row’ west of Tichbourne.

There was no shower in the farmhouse, the bath was a “great big steel thing, something like one of those old horse feeders”.

The family boiled water in the old wooden copper outside, then added cold water from the tap.

They did have a phone, a precious connection in the days before transport was as easy as it is now.

“It was a wonderful thing – we could ring anywhere and did the ladies have a great time on the phones,” Mr Cannon remembered.

The children attended the one-teacher Warrigal School – about four miles straight west from Tichbourne.

“It was a good two-and-a-half miles (from home) to school,” Greg remembered on Friday.

“We drove by horse and sulky.

“Sometimes we had a bit of a crowd in the sulky – there’d be two little kids in the bottom of it, three on the seat or four, and one standing behind and hanging onto the back of the seat.”

Greg has fond memories of those days …

And sure it was hectic and lively in class,Young Riley was onto a lurk,

With cunning the equal of many a wizard,Quietly would drop a mouse or a lizard, near Teacher’s old-fashioned long skirt.

The culprit was ready with instant concern, to pounce on the horrible thing,

And always got off five minutes to spare, to raid a few lunches, enriching his rare,Ere the dinner time bell would ring.

After completing primary school at Warrigal, Greg attended the Marist Brothers College in Forbes, at the time in Johnson Street.

He graduated from school then returned home to work on the family farm. His father died a short time later, when Greg was about 16.

Greg and his siblings were great tennis players, travelling to Sydney every year to compete in the Country Week tournament.

“We won the doubles – my brother and I – one year,” Mr Cannon said.

In his youth Mr Cannon and his brothers worked their land with a 10-horse team, and he can still describe just how to harness them up in the heavy collar.

He remembers their first tractor, an old steel-wheel International.

“It had big spikey grips on the wheels, before tyres,” he said.

“We sat up in the open – and were they rough!”

While they kept some of their horses for a while, the arrival of the tractor, not to mention the car, was also the end of an era.

“We had a good life,” Mr Cannon said. “We worked hard and we played harder.”

World War II affected the Cannon family as it did so many others.

Greg enlisted and his battalion was stationed in Parkes, building the roads into and out of the army depot in the hills near Bogan Gate.

It was during the war years that he drove the big old Studebaker into Forbes to a dance, where he laid eyes on a “good looking girl”.

“She was a pretty smart girl, in charge of the shoe department at Meaghers,” Mr Cannon said.

“My best mate, when it was getting towards the end of the evening, said ‘I have got the next dance with Audrey and I’m going to see if she’ll let me take her home’.

“Well I hadn’t said a word to her, but I said, ‘you’re too late!’”

Greg made his move in time and it was the right one.

Greg and Audrey Grimshaw were married in November 1942, in St Laurence’s Catholic Church.

Last year they celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary.

When asked about his reflections as he approached his 100th birthday, Mr Cannon just said,

“The best thing in my life was meeting my wife.”

The couple settled on “Binalong”, south of Gunningbland, where they farmed cereal crops and Corriedale sheep for 50 years. They retired into Forbes in 1994.

They raised five children – Peter, Carol, Marion, Robert and Christine.

They now have 14 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Mr Cannon moved into the Mater Aged Care 18 months ago, where he continues to entertain staff and residents with his wit, dry humour and an occasional recitation of some of his poetry.

His family described his 100 years as “life well-lived, filled with much love, lots of family and friends and many personal achievements.”

Mr Cannon has done a great deal of writing, publishing, Vintage Wheels and the Yarnspinner, The Yarnspinner Listens, The Reluctant Bushranger (the life of Ben Hall) and Under Rural Skies (the story of the Cannon family in NSW).

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Volunteers are rewarded

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Honoured: Barbara Stewart, The Hills district’s longest serving volunteer of 30 years, with The Hills mayor Michelle Byrne at the National Volunteer Week awards ceremony.A volunteer of 30 years has been recognised in a council awards ceremony.

Barbara Stewart received The Hills Council’s Gold Award as the district’s longest serving volunteer as part of National Volunteer Week.

She was joined on stage by Dawn Matthews who has volunteered for 25 years.

The Hills mayor Michelle Byrne presented both with their awards and thanked them for their service.

“Without the support of thesevolunteersmany of our programs and services would suffer and in some cases would not be able to operate at all,” Cr Byrne said.

“On average Hillsvolunteershave held threeseparatevolunteerpositions each, this is an incredible statistic.”

The recognition evening also featured the unveiling of council’s enhancedvolunteertraining program which offers greater opportunities, better recognition and more training for current and newvolunteers.

“The Hills already has high levels of volunteerism and I think that’s an excellent barometer of community engagement,” Cr Byrne said.

“The aim of our new program is to maintain this high level of engagement as our population grows and our demographics change.”

The newvolunteeringprogram has already expanded and iscommitted to annual stream planning sessions forvolunteersas well as twice-yearly networking forums.

“I look forward to consulting with our many dedicatedvolunteersabout ways to constantly improve ourvolunteerprogram for our residents,” Cr Byrne said.

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Funding boost for fire trails

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Flying visit: Minister for Justice Michael Keenan with Macquarie MP Louise Markus in Glenbrook, pictured with Winmalee Rural Fire Brigade captain Anthony Black.The government will pump $254,000 into the maintenance of fire trails in the Macquarie electorate over the next few months.

Justice ministerMichael Keenan, whose portfolio includes emergency management, joined Macquarie MP Louise Markus in Glenbrook on Monday forthe announcement.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will receive $207,250 to maintain fire trails at Red Hands and Shaws Ridge,Womerah Range andBurralow,and NSW Lands will receive $47,000to maintaina fire trail at Mount York.

“It is vital that vegetation is managed to ensure our emergency services personnel have the best access to protect homes, and increase safety and firefighting capabilities,” Mrs Markus said.

“These fire trails are some of 43 projects which will support efforts to manage bushfire risks by maintaining vital fire trails, and establishing aerial firefighting supply tanks which ensure bulk water or fire retardant is immediately available.”

The captain of Winmalee Rural Fire Brigade, Anthony Black, welcomed the funding, saying the trails required regular grading to ensure they were usable.

“All funds that assist with the maintenance of fire trails are valuable to us.If they’re not properly maintained they are no use to us in emergency circumstances,” he said.

Mr Keenan said: “The program aims to reduce the impact of bushfires on communities and to reduce the public and private losses that can occur.”

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Unfortunate saga has drawn to a close

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When Murray Bridge councillors look back on their current term, I wonder if they will harbour one regret.

On Thursday, this paper reported that land at Monarto South will be rezoned to encourage the development of new industries and a freight transfer terminal, usually referred to as an “intermodal hub”.

The investment in our region, and the jobs it should generate, are more than welcome; they are necessary.

And if any plan for Monarto can succeed in the shadow of Dunstan’s promised city on the plains, godspeed to it.

But the way the thing was done has put most of the Monarto residents I’ve spoken to offside, and rightly so.

The mistake was madelast July, when councillors voted to give interim approval to new planning rules first and to consult the public second.

The rules could always be changed in response to public feedback, they said, and they were right; but not without difficulty, and they weren’tto any great extent.

Approval was needed urgently, they said, because a major business needed to start work immediately; I have heard no report of major works starting yet.

Angry and tearful residents have confronted the council, looking to place blame.

I am scarcely more qualified than any other ratepayer to critique the performance of elected members, and I do not hold any individual responsible for what has come to pass.

But I can offer one perspective.

Mayor Brenton Lewis was elected on a progressive platform in 2014, with support from the Murraylands’ biggest businesses and experiencein attracting and enabling big-league investment.

Half of the current Murray Bridge council was elected at the same time in something of a clean-out, a wave of change.

They had been in their seats for just six months when the Monarto South DPA came along, and amending a development plan is a complex,arcane process.

Their hearts were in the right place.

They did nothing indefensibly wrong, butthey might have donea lot better.

That is cold comfort to the Monarto South residents who fear the tranquility of their rural environment is about to be irrevocably disturbed.

May those fears never be realised, even as the investors and the jobs roll in.

Peri Strathearn, senior journalist

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Zip-seven Bulldogs strive for form shift

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Panmure coach Joe Kenna

PANMURE’S round eight clash with Deakin University has taken on extra significance for the Bulldogs as they search for their elusive first win of the season.

Coach Joe Kenna said his side had copped a tough draw to start the year, playing potentially the top seven sides one after the other, but narrow losses the past two weeks had been “heartbreaking” for the group.

With the interleague bye this weekend, the Bulldogs will have a 14-day turnaround to refresh and relaunch their assault on the season.

“To get that first win is going to be massive,” Kenna said.

“Hopefully, if we can get the points against Deakin, we can start tobuild momentum in the upcoming weeks … because at the moment seven(losses) and zip is not that pretty.

“We’ve got to fight now and try to make every post a winner.”

Kenna was hopefulPanmure pair Matt Smith (hamstring) and Josh Parsons (calf) would be right to go after the bye.

Both came off during Saturday’s loss to the Demons, leaving the visitors down a couple of rotations in the second half.

The Bulldogs are also sweating on the availability of Kallan Melican, who was referredstraight to tribunal next Wednesday with a headbutting charge.

Kenna said the Bulldogs would have to bring 100 per cent to every game if they hoped to turn their season around.

“We can’t afford to have lapses, we’ve got to give everything,” he said.

“We’ve got to throw caution to the wind and really play team-orientated football, it doesn’t matter who we’re playing, the top sides or the bottom sides.”

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Taking the Ironman challenge

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COMPETITORS: (Left to right) Shane McCauley, Brett Schweitzer (Kiama Downs Surf Life Saving Club president) and Bob Sinclair. Picture: SuppliedThree members of the Kiama Downs Surf Life Saving Club recently competedin theIronman Australia event.

Shane McCauley, Brett Schweitzer and Bob Sinclair raced in PortMacquarie onMay 1in wet weather conditions, whichmade life more difficultfor the competitors.

The gruelling distances of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2 km run madeit atough day out for athletes.

Shane McCauley, competing in the 40-44 age group finished his third Ironman in acredible time of 11 hours, 53 minutes and 43 seconds, giving him an overall finish of 519thout of 1294 finishers.

McCauleyswam 1:11:15, cycled 5:57:28 and blitzed the marathonin 4:35:07.

Schweitzer, competing in the 45-49 age group finished his fifth consecutiveIronman Australia with a 1:10:53 swim; 6:20:37 bike and 5:56:43 marathon, atotal time of 13:37:35.

He was recognised on-stage at the awards night as a five-timefinisher.

Sinclair, the stalwart of the Ironman family, finished his 22ndAustralian Ironman. Hecompetedin the 55-59 age group.

After undergoing hip surgery in March 2015, Sinclaircompleted the course in 14 hours, 51 minutes and 50 seconds.

He had a swimtime of 1:03:19, bike time of 7:31:41 (increased due threetyrepunctures and havingto walk the bike 4kmto the finish) and a 6:05:31 marathon.

He took onehour offhis last Ironman marathon time.

Another Kiama municipality resident to compete in the event was 16-timefinisher Graham Hammell in the 45-49 age group.

His Ironman finish time this year was11:07:53 with a 1:02:06 swim; 5:24:17 bike and 4:33:26 marathon.

Ben Hartley competed in the 35-39 age group and broke the hour mark for the swim, racingthe Ironman in a credible00:59:04 swim,5:37:46 bike and fast marathon of4:04:28.

His overall time was 10 hours, 47 minutes and 19 seconds.

Also run on the same day was the Ironman 70.3, with distances of a 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride and 21.1km run.

Kiama Downs resident Jamie Williams wasclose tobreaking the five-hour mark,finishingwith five hours and 44 seconds.

Williams competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii last October.

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Driver who hit a power pole at 3am was so drunk he could barely stay awake

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A-21-YEAR-OLD Orange resident was so intoxicated when he crashed his utility, near Duntryleague in January, he could barely stay awake and remain coherent to provide a sufficient sample for a breath analysis.

As a result Jack Oliver Sturt was charged with failing to submit to a breath analysis and driving with a suspended licence. He appeared before Orange Local Court on Monday.

Police facts tendered to the court said officers had never seen any person more severely affected by alcohol in their careers spanning 14 years.

Sturt crashed his utility into a power pole on the Mitchell Highway on January 3 at 3am. The crash caused high-voltage wires on the pole to fall on trees at the Duntryleague golf course, which caused several small fires.

He was found at the scene, refused treatment offered by paramedics and was subsequently arrested.

His solicitor Mason Manwaring said his client was lucky he had not injured or killed someone on the night.

Mr Manwaring said his client had $30,000 owing on the vehicle, which was a write-off, he had to pay $4500 to the Roads and Maritime Services for traffic control officers needed after the crash, and was expecting to receive a bill for the damage to the power pole.

“Before the incident he was drinking two to three cartons of beer per week, and now he doesn’t drink or has one or two drinks per week,” Mr Manwaring said.

The magistrate, Terry Lucas, said he would have sent Sturt to jail had he not completed a Traffic Offenders Intervention Program.

“I’m glad I wasn’t a motorist that night,” Mr Lucas said.

“You’re lucky you didn’t kill yourself or someone else.”

The Escort Way resident was sentenced to a nine-month suspended jail sentence, disqualified from driving for 12 months and given a mandatory interlock period of 24 months.

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Hospital provides fitting treatment for our nurses

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Teamwork: Fairfield Hospital nurses Vicki Beckwith and Binbin Yi, patient Christiane Berne and nurse Jeeba Sajith.Witnessing the vulnerabilities of life young and old, nurses provide a rich combination of healthcare, emotional support and advice to their patients.

Fairfield Hospital celebrated International Nurses Day on May 12 with executive staff providing a lunch for nurses to thank them for their hard work.

Three nurses were recognised for their contributions to the hospital.

Jeeba Sajith is the hospital’s acting infection control consultant, while VickiBeckwithwas recognised with an awardfor contribution to midwifery education.

Nursing unit manager Binbin Yi was given the general manager’s awardforexcellence in patient care.

They said theprofession had changed significantly over the years, with nurses wielding moreauthority, more technology,and more paperwork.

“It can be very stressful, but when you see the patients recover and how happy they are, it’s very rewarding,” Ms Sajith said.

All three agreed that nursing was a vocation that required hard work, dedication and a willingness to work all hours of the day or night.

“But it’s worth it,” said Ms Beckwith.

International Nurses Day is celebrated on Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

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