Newcastle flavour for Peking Duk hit

11-07-2018 by admin

IT may not geta million views, butNewcastle animation students have releasedasequelto last year’s runawayreimaginingof Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

The University of Newcastle’sAnimation 1 studentsbecame internetfamous last Maywhentheir hand-animated clip– based onSwift’s original, butdoused incolour and pop references–was viewed 1.3 million times on YouTube.

The students’ new releaseof Say My Nameby Peking Duk probably won’t get that many.

But unlike theSwift tribute, which was pulled from YouTube overa copyright claimfromtheInternational Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the cliphas the blessing of the band.

“It’s a really fantastic clip and it’s sort of making fun of itself. It doesn’t take itself too seriously,” animator andlecturer Jane Shadbolt, who set the task,said.

“Peking Duksent us a message in block letters:‘this is f—ing amazing’.”

The musicvideo redux hasfirmedasan annualice-breaker for first year animation students, who each get about fourseconds toanimate.

Student Nicole Lekach crammed flying saucers and flaming buildings intotheopening frames ofSay My Name, whichstars Orange Is The New Black actor Matt McGorry as a mulleted,dancinglothario.

“When I saw myscene there weren’t any characters in it, and I knew I could concentrate on making it illustrative,” Ms Lekach, from Canada, said.

“I thought it would be easier spendingtime working on a big, complicated background. It wasn’t, but I think it turned out really well anyways.”

Matt McGorry reanimated

Hugh Pascoe’s Japanese-influenced frames were more characterdriven.

“What I wanted to do was have more intricate characters and have the background just black, andthe characters pop out,” he said.

Also referenced are theMarvel antihero Deadpool, the Alien films and the characters of Dr Seuss.

The clip’smind-bending effects areachieved through rotoscoping, a techniquebywhichanimators trace over footage, frame by frame, to use in live-action film.

FRAME BY FRAME: Hugh Pascoe and Nicole Lekach are among the students who reanimated Peking Duk’s ‘Say My Name’. Picture: Simone De Peak

The method entered popular cultureinthe video forA-ha’s 1985hit Take On Me, and is used in theRichard Linklaterfilms Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.

In another win for the university’s animators,studentsAndrew White, Renee McIntosh and Zoe Lawrencehave been picked toscreenat the Melbourne International Animation Festival in June.

The trio is also expected to feature at the Newcastle International Animation Festivalat the city’sEvent Cinemas in August.

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