Medicare GP rebate freeze will impact all

25-04-2020 by admin

TOUGH TIMES: The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners fears that more than one-third of its members will be forced to stop bulk-billing. The federal government continues to push a sickness tax.If you are sick, you will pay more for being sick. No-one will be immune.

The decision by the Coalition to continue the freeze on Medicare rebates for general practitioners will have a huge impact on those who work at the front line.

The vaccinators. The blood pressure takers. The mole and freckle checkers. The collectors of Pap smears. The very people you visit when you feel like hurting yourself or feel you can’t go on.

But it will have an even bigger impact on you.

Every time you visit a GP, you will be forced to pay more so GPs can continue their excellent work.

I’m sure you know, don’t you, that you already pay for Medicare.

In fact, the median income in Australia is $52,000 and anyone earning thatpays $780 towards Medicare. So, it’s not as if you don’t put in already.

Medicare is taxpayer funded basic health insurance and now there are changes being made to how you can claim on that health insurance.

These changes are serious.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners fears that more than one-third of its members will be forced to stop bulk-billing.

These changes will have an enormous impact on all Australians. Even you.

General practioners save our lives.

If you don’t believe me, ask Matt Grudnoff, senior economist at the Australia Institute.

He’s not considering the emotional or social aspect of the funding for health – he’s just looking at the numbers.

“Australia has excellent health outcomes when compared to other countries and we have one of the most efficient health systems in the world.

“It tends to be that the more efficient your health care is, the more involved the government is.”

But what’s more surprising is this – in the US, where health spending per capita is three times what it is in Australia and the system is highly privatised, the health outcomes are measurably worse.

I’ve spoken to so many rural GPs about the freeze – and from Western Australia to Tasmania, from Queensland to South Australia, the GPs speak with one voice. They will be forced to stop bulkbilling entirely.

The government tried to screw with pathologists in changes to Medicare but that group of specialists fought back with a 600,000 signature petition.

The deal now is that pathologists have somehow scored themselves a delay on the changes until after the election – and have also managed to secure a deal to make sure that collection centres will have controlled rents.

And guess who will lose out on that deal? Yes, your local GP. She will now be subsidising specialists whose income is six times that of your average GP.

I ask Frank Jones whether the membership of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners is scandalised by the lobbying.

He laughs. They are pleased, he says, because 95 per cent of them want an organisation that stands up.

“No, they want us to be in the advocacy space.”

Yes, Australians, your health care has been targeted. Now it’s time to make politicians the target instead.

– Jenna Price is a Fairfax Media columnistThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 老域名购买.

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