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11-07-2018 by admin

Job month: 1st Merimbula Scouts are looking for jobs such as gardening, dog walking or car washing, for a just reward. Contact group leader David Wriedt 0427 959 496.Misguided Pork BarrellingWell, it looks like the current federal Member for Eden-Monaro is being hood winked into jumping onto Council’s bandwagon.

According to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Mr Hendy has “been seeking federal government support for an upgrade for the airport”, notwithstanding the fact that there is absolutely no justification for an airport upgrade, in particular as it will give rise to significantly higher operating costs to be borne by residents/ratepayers.

While everyone understands that our federal politicians are in full “pork-barreling” mode, you would consider it would be totally irresponsible for any government – state or federal – liberal or labor – to be stumping-up taxpayers funds to waste on Council’s pipe dreams.

Mr Hendy should read Council’s Master Plan, which makes it clear that the only reason for extending the airport runway is to more “comfortably accommodate” Q400 aircraft; aircraft that would only be required to service the airport if its “high growth” forecast of annual passenger volumes of 250,000 were to arise that currently is at 50,000– something that Council’s plan doesn’t envisage happening before 2033.

Mr Hendy should wonder where the justification is for spending $1.2m of taxpayers’ funds on extending the existing runway andupgrading security andbaggage handling facilities when there has been zero airport passenger growth at the airport since 2011.

While Council seems determined to pursue funds to waste on its discredited “build it andthey’ll come” strategy for Merimbula Airport, it wrings its hands andcomplains about not having enough money to build andmaintain local roads andprovide basic facilities for existing residents andtourists, such asadequate public toilets, muchneeded car parksorensuring the shire’s sewage andwater systems are up to speed including the replacement of the Merimbula Beach sewerage effluent outfall. He could give us $6million to pay off the debt the rate payers have to pay for the next 20years for the Airport upgrade that was only completed twoyears ago?

If Mr Hendy really wants to play “local hero”, why not kick-in some dollars to help with local projects that will genuinely stimulate the local economy andmake a positive practical difference to the quality of life of people living in the shire, rather than wasting it on something that may never or certainly not in the foreseeable future be required?

Fraser Buchanan,


Support Pambula HospitalMembers of the Pambula Auxiliary would like to advise all our supporters and the public that all recent equipment purchases were carefully chosen with a view to being retained, and used at Pambula Hospital when the new model of care was implemented. Technology is becoming more prominent in today’s medical procedures. Pambula Hospital has been using on-line conferencing and diagnosing, and Telehealth for patients for some time. Reporting to Pambula’s Assessment, Treatment and Care Centre for medical care and needs may avoid long delays. It’s still in the same place. We strongly urge the public to make full use of the facilities at Pambula, when they need medical advice and treatment. We are focused on supporting the services we have at Pambula Hospital, which has not been closed.

Remember the saying ‘use it, or lose it’!

We take this opportunity to thank all our supporters, and advise that we will be continuing to raise funds, to maintain present equipment and provide extra requirements for patient use at Pambula following the $1.6 million renovations which are currently being planned.

Anyone interested in helping, will be welcome at our meetings on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 10.00am at Pambula Community Health Centre.

Barbara Davy,

Pambula Hospital Auxiliary

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