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11-07-2018 by admin

INFORMED: Jill Parker recommends people attend an information session.

HELP will be at hand for those habouring ambitions of becoming a Moyne Shire councillor.

Moyne Shirehas announced it will be holding a community and candidate information session.

This will take place on June 8 at the Port Fairy Community Services Centre.

Elections for the Moyne Shire Council will be heldon October 22.

Basic requirements to be a Moyne Shire councillor include beingan Australian citizen, being18 or over on election day anda resident or ratepayer of the Moyne Shire.

Moyne Shire Council deputy mayor Jill Parker is in her second stint as a councillor.

Cr Parker was first elected in 2008 and recommendsfor potential council candidates to attend the information session.

“I think this session willbe very worthwhile, there willbe plenty to gain from it,” Cr Parker said.

“They had a similar session in Mortlake the year that Iwas first elected.

“Prior to that I had no knowledge about the workings of council. I found the information session very interesting andinformative.”

The information session will be run by the Municipal Association of Victoria and is free.

Cr Parker said the session she attended helped answer some key questions.

“What the session did for me was it enabled me to take possession of all the facts I needed to know,” Cr Parker said.

“Once I had those facts it was all really straight forward, once I knew what I had to do I was able to pursue it.

“For some people it may work the other way but the key thingis it makes it allclearer either way.”

The Moyne Shire Council elections take place every four years with the current group of seven councillors made up of Cr Parker, mayor Colin Ryan, Jim Doukas, Anthony Keane, Ralph Leutton, Kelvin Goodall and Mick Wolfe.

All were elected to office in 2012 except for Cr Goodall who came on board in 2015. He replaced James Purcell who now sits in the upper house of the Victorian parliament.

A total of nine candidates contested the 2012 election,a significant drop from the 2008 election when 16 candidates contested.

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