Farming families ​sacrificed for greater good

11-07-2018 by admin

We are told the sky is blue because in the atmosphere, most of the time, it is the colour we see most easily. The Palaszczuk Government in the atmosphere of seeking preferences at elections is most easily seeing a dark mean green. It’s the colour that has blind callousness towards people. People’s votes may be important in the correct location but not the people themselves.Somewhere in the background there is some real strategy being applied by this government to overcome the limitations of minority government – advancing an agenda that disregards imposing disadvantage on farming families.

The amendments now passed to the Nature Conservation Act throw off people from former grazing forest leases without review or compensation. Land used for grazing and timber for over a century. It has been hidden behind the misleading message of protecting National Parks.Urged on by green groups a “temporary” moratorium of new water licences has been declared over Cape York until 2018. As water is needed for most development this is a backdoor approach to greatly reducing economic advancement for all people of the Cape.

Recklessly last week the government sanctioned CSG activity into the Hopeland Excavation Caution Zone (ECZ). This is despite government establishing through DEHP and a scientific consultant report of Linc Energy underground coal gasification contamination with toxic gases accumulated above their explosive limits and mapped by the department to a 320 square kilometre ECZ.

The Vegetation Management Reinstatement Bill has revealed an ALP government too easily discarding Fitzgerald reforms it once berated its political opponents about. Farming families will again be left without fundamental legal protections that are afforded even to the worst criminal. All the justifications used by this government to harshly change the VMA are tenuous indeed in front of the evidence including the government’s own SLATS report. If passed, many will be left with declining productivity.

If you are currently unaffected by government policy, just wait, at this rate your turn will come. Perhaps it’s time rural people stop being complacent, hesitant to speak out or just simply polite. The government needs to hear the message that it’s unacceptable to disadvantage farming families for the greater public good. –Dale Stiller,Chairman,Property Rights Australia

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