Closure could affect access

11-07-2018 by admin

Theclosure of northern Tasmania’s only surgical abortion service could affect accessfor women in the North-West says a peak family planning organisation.

Since the Launceston centre shut its doors, patientsneeding a surgicaltermination have limited options.

“For women presenting after nine weeks of a pregnancy,or women preferring to have a surgicaltermination, their only optionis to nowtravel to Hobart,” said Dr Susan Mallett,Family Planning Tasmania’s senior medical officer.

“Unplanned pregnancyisoften a very stressful time, options for accessing services are now more limited and that can compound the difficulty they face.”

Specialist Medical Centers Tasmania, whichran the Launceston service,decided not to renewaccreditationdue tolicensing costsand the success of an online medicalservice.

The center’shead DrPaul Hyland, saidMedical abortions are availablebefore the ninthweek of pregnancy and require the patient to take a drugknown as RU486.The onlineservice uses telephone consultations before sending the drug via mail.

Both Dr Mallett and Dr Hylandagree that very fewlocal GPs are in a position to prescribe RU486, making the online service the most accessible.Yet there werealso peoplethat were not able to undergo medical abortion and have to take the surgical option.

“Medical termination requires women to be able to understand fairly complex instructions and provide validinformed consent,” said Dr Mallett. “Interpreterservices are not used by medicalterminationproviders and therefore those women from culturaland languagediverse backgrounds cannot access this service.”

Dr Mallett said that means that those womenwill now have to travelfor the procedure, which presents a range of extraissues.

“Cost is a really important issue, as isthe lengthof travel time,” she said. “Often it’s difficult for those women to travel four hours to Hobart and then back again.”

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