Clean up for clogged creek

11-07-2018 by admin

Clean up for clogged creek TweetFacebookNewcastle Herald reports detailing the creek’sdire condition promptedstaff to inspect the sitein Windale last week.

A spokesperson said they weredisappointed by the publicly dumped rubbish on the site, and would immediatelybegin cleaning up the area it owned.

Lake Macquarie City Council also owns parts of the creek.A spokesperson saidstaff were developing a program of works for the site, which they expect willbegin in June.

Scrubby Creek is a 200-metre stretch ofwater that runs from Warners Bay Road through to Bennetts Green and passes through private and public land.

It was the site of a major clean up in 2009, when tonnes of shopping trolleys were retrieved from the creek bed.

But neighbours Susan and Greg Fostersaidthe water flow of the creek was never properly addressed, and each new developmentbuilt in the area seemedto exacerbatethe problem.

They said the creek no longer flowed because ithad been choked byfallen trees,rubbish and a build up of silt andgravel for too long.

Mount Hutton resident Ray Hinton said they often had problems with localised flooding.

“There is just so much more water running into the creek now,” he said.

“They keep approving development applications and they are replacing all the natural vegetationwith concrete surfaces.

“All the water from those developments is added water into Scrubby Creek, yet nothing has been done to it foryears.

“Peoplegetflooding half way up their back yard, and it doesn’t take much rain for that to happen.”

Mr Hintonsaid the water level often got above the sewer manhole near his house after heavy rain.

“It lifts the lid off the concrete manhole and discharges sewerage,” he said.

“The smell cannot be lived with.”

Mr Hinton, the Fostersand other nearbyresidents had at times tried to clear the blockages in the creek themselves. But now the problems weretoo big for them to deal with.

“Scrubby Creek is only one creek in thearea, but I believe it’s the worst inLake Macquarie,” Mr Hinton said.

“Theyneed to spend some money on it.”

A wheely big problem

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