Medicare GP rebate freeze will impact all

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TOUGH TIMES: The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners fears that more than one-third of its members will be forced to stop bulk-billing. The federal government continues to push a sickness tax.If you are sick, you will pay more for being sick. No-one will be immune.

The decision by the Coalition to continue the freeze on Medicare rebates for general practitioners will have a huge impact on those who work at the front line.

The vaccinators. The blood pressure takers. The mole and freckle checkers. The collectors of Pap smears. The very people you visit when you feel like hurting yourself or feel you can’t go on.

But it will have an even bigger impact on you.

Every time you visit a GP, you will be forced to pay more so GPs can continue their excellent work.

I’m sure you know, don’t you, that you already pay for Medicare.

In fact, the median income in Australia is $52,000 and anyone earning thatpays $780 towards Medicare. So, it’s not as if you don’t put in already.

Medicare is taxpayer funded basic health insurance and now there are changes being made to how you can claim on that health insurance.

These changes are serious.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners fears that more than one-third of its members will be forced to stop bulk-billing.

These changes will have an enormous impact on all Australians. Even you.

General practioners save our lives.

If you don’t believe me, ask Matt Grudnoff, senior economist at the Australia Institute.

He’s not considering the emotional or social aspect of the funding for health – he’s just looking at the numbers.

“Australia has excellent health outcomes when compared to other countries and we have one of the most efficient health systems in the world.

“It tends to be that the more efficient your health care is, the more involved the government is.”

But what’s more surprising is this – in the US, where health spending per capita is three times what it is in Australia and the system is highly privatised, the health outcomes are measurably worse.

I’ve spoken to so many rural GPs about the freeze – and from Western Australia to Tasmania, from Queensland to South Australia, the GPs speak with one voice. They will be forced to stop bulkbilling entirely.

The government tried to screw with pathologists in changes to Medicare but that group of specialists fought back with a 600,000 signature petition.

The deal now is that pathologists have somehow scored themselves a delay on the changes until after the election – and have also managed to secure a deal to make sure that collection centres will have controlled rents.

And guess who will lose out on that deal? Yes, your local GP. She will now be subsidising specialists whose income is six times that of your average GP.

I ask Frank Jones whether the membership of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners is scandalised by the lobbying.

He laughs. They are pleased, he says, because 95 per cent of them want an organisation that stands up.

“No, they want us to be in the advocacy space.”

Yes, Australians, your health care has been targeted. Now it’s time to make politicians the target instead.

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Time to enrol to vote

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DEEP IN THOUGHT: Wade High students Kiara Billing and Chelsea Blunden with Kay Catanzariti. Picture: Anthony StipoTHE room was unnaturally quiet at Wade High School on Tuesday as Kay Catanzariti spoke to a group of year 12 students about issues they could no longer ignore.

“Nobody knows in this world what is around the corner,” Mrs Catanzariti said.

“You are all nearly 18, if you’re not 18 already –have you enrolled to vote?”

On Tuesday she explained to students not only how they could make a will through her charity Will It Your Way, but how they could also enrol to vote through the website by scanning a QR code found on the back ofthe flyer with theirmobile phones.

Mrs Catanzariti has tirelessly campaigned to raise awareness about the importance of young people having a will after losing her son Ben in 2012 when a concrete pouring boom collapsed on top of him at a Canberra worksite.

He was just 21 and had not left a will.

“After scanning the QR code all you have to do isscroll throughand press a button andfill in your details, it’s that simple,” Mrs Catanzariti said.

“It takes you three minutes.

“Once you turn 18 you are legally obliged to vote in the elections.Things like this, leaving a will, voting, are really important and they are something for you to consider right now.

“Unfortunately accidents do happen and this has prompted me to make you all aware.

“You guys have to take control of your own lives and your futures.”

Mrs Catanzariti prompted the students to consider their families and make a will as soon as possible, recounting her own tragic experiencesas a parent who had to suffer the complexities of the legal system.

Mrs Catanzariti will meetwithACT Education minister Shane Rattenbury next weekto introduce Will It Your Way and the importance of enrolling to voteto Dickson college in Canberra.

“The ACT education department have really great in following this up,” Mrs Catanzariti said. “They are 110 per cent behind us.”

“The teacher actually said they thought it was great –they were actually quiet –I’m going home to tell my partner we are making a will

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Cockies’ big win.

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The Gloucester Cockatoos ignited their 2016 season with a blockbusting 73-7 over Myall Coast on Saturday afternoon in front of a small but enthusiastic home crowd.

Ably led by captain Andy Paynter, the Cockies got off to a flying start with a well worked move from fullback Ryan Yates and flying winger Luke Boorer, who swooped onto a well placed kick into the 22, regathered the ball and swept in under the posts to register the first try of the day.

The Cockies drove the ball up the field well, with good forward charges from Peter Lewis, Mitch Meredith and Lukas Dellsperger, which laid a good platform for the backs to attack from, with seven of the eleven tries being scored by the outside backs.

ChrisMarchant was prominent with his direct running, which also helped create space out wide for the speedsters. The try of the day was a 50 metre effort in the second half involving cut outs and reverse passes from the outside backs, with the final pass going from Ryan Yates to a rampaging Ethan Hamilton who scored his second try of the day. Goalkicking prop Mick Wooster was in fine form, converting eight of his 10 attempts at goal.

Coach Steve Parkin was very happy with the win, being especially pleased by the efforts of the younger players who are in their first season with the club.

Best and fairest : 3: C.Marchant; 2: L.Dellsperger ; 1: R.Yates. Players’ player: P.Lewis.Gloucester Cockies: 73 (Tries: 2 : L.Dellsperger, P.Lewis, E.Hamilton; 1: C.Marchant, C.Jory, R.Yates, L.Boorer,M.Hardy; Conversions: 8 : M.Wooster; 1: M.Hardy) v Myall Coast 7 (1 try , 1 conv) Next home game against Manning May 28. The Beast.

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Saying I love you with art

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Mother’s Day Art Gift: Ashleigh Milton, Cathy Morrissey and Renee Kamaretsos at Wollongong Design Studio. Picture: Greg Ellis.On Mother’s DayAshleigh Milton decided to surprise her mum Cathy Morrissey by giving her something unique and different.She organised a voucher for them both to do a mother and daughterart class together atRenee Kamaretsos Art.The following weekend they went and had a wonderful experience together with artistRenee Kamaretsos at Wollongong Design Studio.

Mrs Morrissey is nowhooked and wants to regularly do them with her daughter.The two smiled, laughed, asked lots of questions. It was easy to see how much theyenjoyed their journey of artistic discovery together.Mrs Morrissey’s other daughter Shelby Miltonhas just returned from the United States and all three now want to do a class together.

Post by Mother’s Day Art Class video .

Renee Kamaretsos’s classes are popular but she is expanding the business and making more spaces available from July.Her Champainters class oneThursday evening everya month is especially popular.

And Mrs Morrissey is keen to do them now shehas caught the bug.“And I have also met a lovely bunch of ladies”.

Ms Milton said she was very happy with how well her idea worked and expected some of her friends would follow her lead next year.“I bought it as a surprise and she thought it was awesome”.

Post by Mother and Daughter love.

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Sports stars, media come together to raise thousands for ‘brave’ Cronulla riots cop

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Billy Dib, Dr Jamal Rifi, Craig Campbell and Morris Iemma came together for a charity soccer game. Photo: Sarah KeayesMore than $8,000 has been raised for former police officer Craig Campbell after media organisations joined with Muslim community leaders for a charity soccer tournament on Sunday.

Campbell, 56, was the subject of an iconic photo duringthe Cronulla riots when the burlypolicemansaveda Middle Eastern couple on a train by furiously swinging his police baton to forcea mob of youths to back away.

However, on the 10thanniversary of the riotsin January this year,a Fairfax Media revealed Campbell’s life took a downward turn.

His bravery award was taken away after the police hierarchy deemed he used “excessive force”, he left the force with chronicPTSD andhenowlivesin a caravan in his parents’ driveway.

Campbell swings his baton in what would become an iconic photo from the Cronulla riots. Photo: Nick Moir

WhenBelmore GP and Muslim community leaderJamal Rifi heard about Campbell, he called upon former premier Morris Iemma to help createa football tournament to show the former police officerhow much the community appreciated his efforts.

Bulldogs legend Hazem El Masri, champion boxer Billy Dib and local sheikhsAhmed Abdoand Nabil Suckariewere among those wholed teams in the Craig Campbell Cohesion Cup at Punchbowl in Sydney’s weston Sunday.

The Auburn Giants,the Muslim Women’s Association, GranvilleBoys High School, the Australian Human Rights Commission and media organisations including the Sydney Morning Herald and the ABCalso competedand raised funds for Campbell and the Luke Batty Foundation.

Following the riot, the former police officer quit the force and moved into a caravan in his parents’ driveway. Photo: Katherine Griffiths

Each of the 16 teams who participateddonated $500 to join the tournament. Several private donors have also contributed money, with the final figure raised to be revealed on Friday.

Campbell, who is still fighting for an injury payout to cover knee problems,cheered from the sidelines.

“When Dr Rifi contacted me, I was just like, wow, there are no words to describe it,” Campbell said. “Seeing that the public appreciate what I did, that’s worth more than anything to me.”

Dr Rifi read an article about Campbell’s situationwhen he was in the midst of a court battle against a group of protesters who wanted to stage a 10-year “celebration” of the Cronulla riots as a protest against multiculturalism.

“I was shocked because if there is anything that we should be remembering or celebrating about that day, it is the brave actions of this man,” he said.

Sixteen teams played in the Craig Campbell Cohesion Cup, each donating $500. Photo: IShare Media/Facebook

Since leaving the force, Campbell’s marriage broke down and now lives on$440-a-week workers’ compensation because he is unable to hold downa job due to hisPTSD.

Earlier this year, two Muslim men tracked down Campbell and travelled to Wollongong to takehim out for lunch and give himsome new clothes and cash that the community had raised.

The latest fundraiser remains open while a campaign is being run in Arabic language media.

Donations can be made through a dedicated account at the Bank of Sydney(BSB: 942206, Account:1209576).

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Prices lift behind ‘shortage’

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THE SUPPLYchain has reacted to last week’s higher prices with most markets reported by MLA indicating larger yardings.

Wagga Wagga, Wodonga and Shepparton all recorded a big lift in supply, while most other markets offered small increases. The exception to this was Pakenham’s trade and bullock market, Monday, which surprised everyone by falling to just 850 head.

This supply decrease on the first trading day of the week, following weekend supply, and dearer market, led to further increased demand from local and export processors. Being close to many of the abattoirs does help this market, especially in these circumstances.

Prices were again dearer with MLA’s market report quoting prices up to 20 cents per kilogram liveweight dearer. It is fair to say that prices at Pakenham were catching up to other markets held later on in the previous week.

Prime bullocks sold to 322c, vealers to 340c, but it was the heavier steers and heifers, selling to 330c and 315c/kg respectively, that showed the much dearer trend. There were fewer grain assisted cattle at this market, and the best of these sold to 336c/kg lwt.

On the same day at Wagga, supply increased to 4700 head and included 1500 yearling steers, just over 1000 heifers and some 1300 cows. Because ofthe recent rain, both feedlot and restocker demand increased. restockers paid up to 370c/kg for steer calves.Once again, only fiveper cent of the steers went for slaughter, and about 60pc of the heifers, and all of this created higher prices. Steers to feed sold from 290-345c, and many heifers from 280-315c/kg lwt.

Fewer vealers were offered for sale at every market, and this saw prices range mostly from 300-335c/kg. Trade buyers had to pay up to 344c/kg lwt for grain assisted cattle to fill a large void in quality.

Stronger demand was also seen for grown steers and bullocks with good quality steers selling to 325c, and many bullocks between 295 & 322c/kg lwt. This saw a dollar return of $1700-$2200 for bullocks and steers.

I want to concentrate on the supply of cows. of the nine markets offering cows in Victoria, including Wagga, 5,800 cows were recorded in MLA’s reports over the seven day period.

This large increase in number was aided by Murray Goulburn’s pricing decision the previous week. Many dairy farmers are quitting excess cows to save costs and make money. This was very evident at Leongatha, Warrnambool, Colac, Shepparton, Camperdown and even Pakenham.

The percentage of dairy cows offered increased substantially at these sales, and equally at the non-reported market of Warragul where 900 cows were penned.

Prices for better quality beef cows ranged from 220-264c/kg, better dairy cows from 190-225c, and many of the poor and very poor quality dairy cows, anywhere from 87-190c/kg lwt.

Considering the number of dairy cows, including some herd lots, that went direct to processors, the number of dairy cows slaughtered was very large for this time of year.

Bill Shellcott, Foster, with granddaughter Megan at Leongatha store sale. Bill, a premiership player in 1946, was recently inducted into the hall of fame.

Stan Harrison, Giffard West, said he had never been paid this much money for calves. Yearling Charolais steers sold for $1400 and their younger brothers $1000.

Jimmy Kyle, SEJ Leongatha, points out the successful bidder for this line of 66 Angus, Hereford and Angus-Hereford bullocks at Leongatha. The 66 bullocks sold to 321c/kg.

Feedlot buyers and locals swell the crowd at the recent Leongatha store sale after up to 90mm of rain fell during the week. Prices were up to $120 higher for steers.

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Flames and Waratahs on the rampage

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WARATAHS and Flames produced season-best efforts, and in the Flames case, one of their best for a number of years, as they posted big wins in their Tamworth women’s first grade hockey clashes on Sunday.

Tudors Emily Lockyer shadows Kimberley Resch on one of her many strong runs during their clash on Sunday. Photo: Gareth Gardner 150516GGB13

Flames out-classed Tudor Wests 15-nil with Tegan Smith slamming five goals and Julie Rodda and Emma Marvel scoring hat-tricks before Waratahs accounted for Olympians 9-1.

“We probably played the best hockey we have all year,” Waratahs coach Graeme McKenzie said.

They were still missing Sarah Askey and Georgia White but the disruption was minimal compared to what it has been.

“We started poorly again,” he said.

“It took us a while to get our passing game going.”

When they did they generally passed the ball around well, and created opportunities, which they, for the most part, took.

“We’re still not quite where we want to be,” McKenzie said.

“We still made lots of mistakes and poor passes, but generally it was up on everything we’ve done.”

Emily Heagney was very busy in the midfield, and also in the shootingcircle.

Pip Ash also has a strong game.

“I was really pleased particularly with Pip’s passing and linking,” he said.

“But she also scored a couple of goals, which was great.”

Olympians coach Andrew Farmilo was really happy with his side’s first 30 minutes.

“We were really good and really competitive and had a couple of good opportunities to score.”

“But we muffed them.

“We didn’t get good contact on the ball.”

That bit them when Waratahs then turned around and scored two quick goals.

“That changes the tempo of the game, when you miss and they go back and score,” Farmilo said.

Pleasingly though they continued to play positive hockey and didn’t just sit back and defend, until Waratahs scored their third.

Their heads dropped a bit after that.

But they got back on a roll, he said, and continued to try and attack and play expansive hockey.

He thought Em Chaffey and Flo Davidson were their best.

Chaffey was last week, along with Alice Arnott, Abigail Doolan and New England’s Tahlia Constance named in the NSW State 18s side to contest the National Championships in Launceston from July 8-17.

New England’s Brianna Sutton will join them down there after being selected in the Blues side. In the earlier game, Flames put together what coach Barrie Pritchard described as one of their best matches in many years.

“The first half started with Flames making several attacking raids and then defending two Tudor penalty corners before the deadlock was broken after nine minutes with a powerful penalty corner layoff goal by Ash Allen,” Pritchard reported.

From there they took control of the game and “in 25 minutes of great passing hockey” rushed to an 8-0 lead at half time.

“The midfield of Kate Ferguson, Kim Resch and Naomi Spark worked hard and controlled most of the half setting up the strikers with great runs and passing,” he said. The second half started at the same pace with Sophie Littlejohns converting a great cross from Ash Allen with a strong slap-shot for the first of seven goals for the half.

Several of those came from interceptions created by the press they applied.

Rodda had a super game, he said, and was well supported by Smith up front and Marvell, who is a school teacher in Narrabri.

Resch also again created many goal scoring opportunities with super speed and passing.

Although not under a lot of pressure he said the defence of Mel Allen, Helena Williamson, Bek May, Ash Allen and goal keeper Tracey Freeman defused several Tudor attacking raids.

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Road investments should consider all users

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Bendigo is something of a motorbike town so the news that the deaths from motorbikes have leapt again andnow make up more than a quarter of all road deaths in Victoria is of significant concern.The road toll as of yesterday sits at 109 with 29 of these being fatalities from motorbike crashes.It is significant that the police are talking about the high percentage of these deaths related torider error. What can be assumed is nearly all of these collisions involve speed. The issue is that whether it is at 100, 70 or even 50 km/h, a rider hitting the road or any of the obstacles that litter our road sides is far more at vulnerable to death or serious injury. There are no seatbelts or airbags to shelter a catapulted rider. Concerted efforts to educate riders on just what it means to ride at these speeds is a good first step but there is also the problem of those who think the laws are simply guidelines.

The TAC has been criticized for its commendable if seemingly impractical objective of having a zero road toll. The criticism centres on the inability to rule out human error. But the quantum leaps in reducing the road toll through seatbelt and blood alcohol limits show if you can’t legislate against stupidity, you can enforce laws strictly enough to wake a lot of people up from their delusions. The Government’s intermediate objective of bringing the road toll under 200 by 2020 probably has the advantage of being a measurable definitive and the Government is willing to back this with a major investment announcement. There are investments in education and a major upgrade of country roads including a stretch of the Calder Freeway between Keilor Park and Bendigo.All this is good news and every life savedvindicates the plan.

But one of the ideas mooted is the introduction of European style centre barriers. Many high speed motorways in Europe use this technology not only to divide traffic,eliminate dangerous overtaking but also provide something of a safety net against fatigue and other human error. Given these are good steps toward safer roads and fewer deaths, it should also be notedhow much motorbike orders loathe these buries as one more thing to endangered them in a crash. Safety infrastructure should not unnecessarily preserve someandendangerothers. Advancements have been made in NSW to make these safer using new materials and designs If the investment is to be made it should be done with the best possible outcome for all users.

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Julie Jenkins leads Ladies Golf Champs

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Julie Jenkins is leading with one round to go in the 2016 Cootamundra Ladies Golf Championships.Keen lady golfers in Cootamundra have been taking to the green these past two weeks for the 2016 Ladies Golf Championships.

The final round will be played onWednesday with ladies playing a seeded draw.

Round 1A field of 19 started Wednesday with high hopes but the sudden change inconditions caused by the much needed rains, seems to have shattered more thana few dreams.

A-Grade Champ Judy Finkle was the only player to break 90 off thestick, carding a score of 87/80. While Finkle would not have been overjoyed withher score, it was enough to put her in the lead with Gail Lynch 91/78 and KateWhite, 93/79 the next best in that Division.

Julie Jenkins has her tail up with a96/75 putting her in the jockey seat for Division 2Julie was the daily nett winner, with Gail Lynch taking the runner-up andDivision 1 daily prizes.

Other Wednesday ball winners (nett scores), were: Cathie Bragg and Julie Moon79, Barb Beveridge, Marg Bishop and Rhonda Twomey 80. Barb Beveridgepicked up the nearest the pin.

Round 2While the scores didn’t dramatically improve overnight, the field looks to havesettled in to having less run, with scores consistent with the opening round formost players.

Julie Jenkins again cleaned up the daily trophy and Division 2, witha score of 95/74, one better than her opening round.

Judy Finkle was theDivision 1 winner, with 82/75. Judy also picked up the nearest the pin, whileother ball winners (nett scores) were: Joan Adams and Jan Davies 75, Gail Lynchand Maree Deep 77, Barb Beveridge 78 and The Bethungra Bandit – Di Ryan 80.

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Tasmanian sales finish on strong note

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Roberts Livestock and Elders Limited Tasmaniaconducted final weaner cattle sales for 2016 at their respective Powranna market complexes last Thursday offering a combined total of 1950 head.

Warren Johnson, Roberts said selling was completed ona very strong note.

A feature of the Roberts’ yarding he said was the Singline family’s annual draft of Weld River Farm Angus steers that toppedthe dayat $1300 per head. Their 76 June//July-drop steers averagedwhile their heifer portion of 100 head made to $1070 and averaged $1007.

The Walters family, Whistlers Bottom sold Angus and Angus-cross weaners to $1210 as theRoberts penning of 800 head overall averaged$847.

”All in all it wasa great result and an even greater weaner selling season”, Mr Johnson said.

Greg Harris said his company, Elders offered 1200 head.

“Following rainfallof up to 100mm along the island’s northern coast demand was as strong as it hasbeen all season” said Mr Harris.

“Steers were mostly sold in the 350-380c/kg price range for the lighter grown while the heavierweaners made 320-340c/kg”.

“Heifers made 280-300c/kg for the heavier pens and 240-300c/kg for the middle and light drafts”

These were buyable” Mr Harris said.

A feature of the Elders’ yarding was the annual draft of Ken Hahnhen’s FollywoodCharolais Angus steers.These made to $1260 a head and averaged $1100 while Forraburry Harford sold Angus steers, aged 16-17 months,to $1270, average $1120.

The Elders penning according to Mr Harris contained a good number of coloured calves that made to $1100 for about 360-370kg.

NLRS reporter, Richard Bailey saidgiven the very tough season the presentation of both yardings was very good, although there were a largernumber of crossbred and yearling cattle included.

Most of the competition he said was supplied by local buyers, mainly from the Northwest Coast, and onemajor processor to feed.Two interstate buyers also supported the day buying 25 percent for shipment to northeast Victoria and the Riverina.

NLRS reported the few yearling steers penned made $1,110-$1,300, with the best steer weaners sold from $1,030 to $1,300/head.

Medium weight steersmade $865-$1,115, light steers $620 to $1,015, and very light $510 to $600/head.

The best heifer weaners made $820-$1,070, medium weights $620 to $910, light $600 to $700 and very small $430 to$535/head.

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